Look who's talking about the Sheriff, Texas Humorist...

  • Frank Franky, CDR, Navy Seals, USN
    "The weekend was a huge success in bringing the Squadron and support together for some great education and entertainment through this amazing venue." (J.B. spoke to a group of Navy Seals in July of this year, and is scheduled to speak to the Seals again in November. He said, "As a Vietnam vet, this was the highlight of my career.")
  • Texas & Oklahoma Operations, Suddenlink Communications:
    "We will never be able to thank you enough for kicking off our annual management conference with non-stop, side-splitting, tears-rolling, knee-slapping, jaw-hurting laughter."
  • Kansas Fairs & Festivals Association:
    "He is guaranteed to bring laughter to your event while reminding you to take life serious but don't forget to laugh along the way."
  • Corrosion College:
    "...Let me unreservedly recommend the talents of J.B. Smith as an entertainer, a motivator, a man with significant insights into business and people..."
  • Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce:
    "You brought back memories of hair wax and wheel covers, and we laughed at 'the way we were' as much as we laughed at what you told us."
  • Foster Financial Group:
    "Without a doubt, everyone in the organization has said that you were the best speaker we've had all year."
  • National Corrections Industries Association:
    "I honestly can't remember the last time we had a speaker that made such an impact on our attendees, and for that, I thank you!"
  • National Emergency Number Association, Louisiana Chapter:
    "...Your presentation was not only humorous but makes some excellent points that are pertinent to every walk of life, and delivering it as 'Cowboy Philosophy' is as entertaining as it is educational."
  • Nebraska Association of Fair Managers:
    "...I heard many favorable comments from board members representing about sixty County Fairs from all parts of the State of Nebraska.""
  • Robroy Industries:
    "His leadership in area communities underscores his humanity and generosity. Most importantly, his love of life and laughter cause him to be an ideal after dinner speaker."
  • Texas Auctioneers Association:
    "It was a true experience in laughter to hear you speak."
  • Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services:
    "...Your insight, knowledge, experience and delivery with humor was successful at informing us and giving us a new way to view our jobs and life."
  • Texas Department of Transportation:
    "...Many of our employees wanted to personally thank you for your interesting and entertaining presentation."
  • Texas Yard-Bird, L.L.C.:
    "We haven't laughed so much at one of our meetings since—well, we've never laughed so much!"
  • United States District Court:
    "Your timing was perfect and the stories were very funny. You kept 'em laughing nonstop, yet delivered a worthy message."